Recovering Sage Line 50 Accounts and Payroll Data

Sage Line 50 is still the industry standard for small business accounting and payroll in the UK. It's simplicity to use allows any user to quickly pickup company book-keeping and the comprehensive framework of support makes it first choice for many accountants and accounting firms.

Many of the companies we come across that are in administration can provide Sage Line 50 Accounts or Sage Line 50 Payroll backups easily and quickly but in some cases computers have been mislaid or backups have been left incomplete. In these cases InsolvencyIT can help you piece together the data that an Insolvency Practitioner requires using disk recovery software and a deep understanding of Sage Line 50 installations and data storage.

Sage Line 50 Accounts is a software that may not often be updated unless a contract is in place that includes the provision of the latest software version. This can present a problem if you are presented with a Sage Line 50 version 10 software and you are running version 20 as you cannot upgrade the data easily and so cannot access the data to perform an investigation. InsolvencyIT can help locate the original installtion files or media and perform an installation of the necessary version on our servers to allow you to examine the data or upgrade the data to a suitable version so that you may examine the data in your own office.

Usernames and passwords can also create problems and InsolvencyIT can help with decoding passwords or simply discovering where they were kept on a system so that the original 'Manager' password can be recovered without any intereference to the Sage Line 50 Accounts system.

Sage Line 50 Hosting

If your client is/was using Sage Line 50 then we can recreate their system quickly and efficiently using their Sage backup and serial number and activation code. Whether you are investigating the accounts system or payroll your clients' software can be backed up and restored onto our web servers so you can access the data from any internet-connected PC.

Sage Line 50

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