Microsoft Office Document Recovery

Whether you are seeking information saved on a company server or trying to recover information from USB hard disk we can fish out the correct documents on your behalf and present them to you in an organised and simple fashion.

We can disentangle a corrupt file system and save the results onto a server for you to examine at a later date or provide you with USB storage that contains the required data. All of the required software can be supplied whether it be Microsoft Office 2010/2013 standard, professional or enterprise.

Microsoft Office is still recognised as the industry standard for the majority of office based document creation and editing and is incredibly versatile in its latest guises. Applications like Excel and Word are core to so many office activities that it is difficult to imagine many offices continuing without them. The latest 'Cloud' versions of Office 2013 available on Office365 allow the use of data from anywhere on any device but bring their own problems to us data recovery experts. Because the data centres are in various parts of the EU or US then the data can usually be requested through the proper legal channels from Microsoft but there are other options for gaining access by making official requests through the company in administration to the relevant Microsoft Cloud Partner that may prove to give better results more quickly as they will hold a greater familiarity with the individual customer.

Microsoft Office

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