Insolvency Data Recovery Services

After extracting the data from your client site we will provide you with your case data online and allow you to investigate your convenience without fear of interruption or interference to any existing live client systems.

Since the 2010 modernisation of the insolvency regulations regarding data compliance which now stipulate that all relevant data regarding financial records and emails should be collected in case of reference being required for any possible future action regarding the insolvency.

Now that all company data is invariably held within a computer system that can be queried in order to uncover historical transactions regarding the company, it is vital that the information from the computer system is either exported into a later readable format, or backed up so that it can be restored into a 'live' state from the date of administration for when the company data requires later analysis.

Modern data suites aim to provide an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes. ERP systems track business resources such as liquid, raw materials, production capacity and the status of business commitments, including sales orders, purchase orders, and payroll. The applications share data across the various departments (manufacturing, sales, finance, etc.) that modify the data and then provide the updated data in return with the latest updated figures and reports. Modern finance solutions provide a constant interweaving communication between all business departments and functions.

Due to the complexity of the data provided inter-departmentally, as well as between businesses, we would always recommend that our system backup and restore-as-live method be used. We work alongside our hosting partner to bring you a service that you can use from the convenience of your own office but that replicates the case data recovered at the time of extraction, on the day of administration.

Once we have collected the data then we can pass that data into our own servers held with so that you can dial in and use the servers as they were when the data was extracted. This service can be use in collaboration with your existing systems so that you can print, export and analyse the data as normal. The data does, however, remain on our systems and so does not pose any risk to your own internal infrastructure or systems.

If you are interested in having a client or case data made available online so that you can interrogate the original computer systems whenever you need to, select from the the type of information you wish to investigate below for a further explanation of how we can help, or call us now on (0844) 880 1618:


Watch our video to help you understand how our unique hosting packages can help you with your case load.

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